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However, you can use website to compare and book your flights to Uganda among different airlines and get your self to travel Uganda and encounter all the ever green country with it’s amazing and beautiful abundant wildlife.


Uganda is a country that is found in the parts of East Africa. It is boarded by Sudan, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda. The facts about Uganda Africa are many and unique for example, Uganda is labeled as the “Peal of Africa” that is ever green and lies between he eastern and western sections of Africa’s Great Rift Valley.

Uganda is a landlocked country whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow caped Rwenzori mountains, savannas and beautiful lakes like lake Victoria. Where Uganda located Africa is near the equator though there’s no excessive heat. The climate is softened by relatively high altitude and influence of big fresh water bodies. The weather is so favorable and the food alone is worth he trip this country.

Still, about Uganda Africa facts includes the industry which is very limited and here, the most important sectors include the processing of agricultural products such as coffee, production of beverages, textiles, electricity and cement. Uganda mostly exports coffee followed by tea, cotton, copper, oil and fish. H.E. Yoweri K. Museveni is the president of Uganda and the currency in this country is Ugandan shillings. Uganda is a religiously diverse nation with indigenous religions, Islam and Christianity.

Further more, Uganda is a home the most Africa’s unique animals and birds. This country has got natural and cultural attractions such as Kampala which is the Capital city of Uganda, the Ssese Islands, lake Victoria, National Parks, traditional kingdoms and many others. English and Swahili are the main official languages although there is a wide range of ethnic groups with many languages namely Luganda which is the most spoken.


Uganda has a warm tropical climate. The weather, climate Uganda is stable and welcoming. It is quite favorable for both human life and activities like agriculture. The country’s climate and weather conditions are ideal ranging from the warmth of lowland areas to the coolness of highlands. However, even though the equator crosses through the country, its altitude and temperatures makes it a pleasant Uganda.

The weather, climate Uganda has got seasons that is the say, rainy and dry seasons. The hottest months are December the February, June the August are also kind of dry months. There are heavy rains with beautiful thunders between end of the dry seasons. Long and light clothes are required with warm cover-ups for evenings however, short or revealing clothes should be avoided. Forest trackers should carry shoes or boots, long sleeved tops,,skirts, dresses and pants the protect against mosquitoes.



The Uganda Wildlife Authority is one of the governing bodies that regulate wildlife conservation in Uganda. Its main role is managing and conserving he abundant wildlife in Uganda. The Uganda Wildlife Authority is responsible for 10 National parks, 12 Wild Reserves and 14 Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Uganda Wildlife Authority started in 1996 and it was formerly known as the Uganda wildlife statute then it later linked together with the Uganda National parks department and the Uganda Games and Fisheries. It is owned by the Ugandan government and their main headquarters are in Kampala.

Currently, the parent agency concerned with the Uganda Wildlife Authority is the ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities. Sam Mwandha is the current executive director with the motto he says, ” Conserving for Generations”.


A National Park is a park used for conservation purposes and reserve of natural, semi natural and developed land that a sovereign state owns. National Parks Uganda are the most tourist places in this country any visitor or tourists should not miss perhaps have a luxury safari Uganda.

Uganda is very safe and the people are so dearly and friendly. This country’s great hospitality has made its tourists and visitors feel at home in Uganda. There is so much the do in Uganda when it comes the National parks for example gorilla tracking, game viewing, birding and captivating boot cruises. National Parks Uganda that you’ve got the explore are 10 i number and below are some pf them.

Queen Elizabeth National Park;-

This is a savanna wildlife safari located in the western Uganda. It is the most visited park in Uganda. This amazing beautiful park is a home of more than 500 species of birds and 95 different species of mammals such as Eagles, Owls, Shoebills, Flamingos, Gorillas e.t.c

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park;-

This is found in the south western Uganda. It is a place for mountain gorilla watching with other different species of birds and mammals. It is also a home of he colobus monkeys and chimpanzees.

Murchison Falls National Park;-

This is also known as the Kabarenga National Park found in the north-western Uganda. This park is well known for its tall waterfall and amazing wildlife like hippos, buffaloes, elephants, leopards, lions, kobs, Giraffes, antelopes, and many others.

Rwenzori National Park;-

This is located in the south western Uganda and situated in the Rwenzori mountains. This park is amazing with its beautiful waterfalls, plant life, glaciers and many small lakes such as lake Bujuku.

Kidepo Valley National Park;-

This is found in the Karamoja region in the north-eastern Uganda. In this park, there are many activities carried out but game viewing is the most famous attractions for tourists hence a must the tour that will give you a memorable encounter of world life.

Lake Mburo National Park;

It is located in the western Uganda. It has got more than 300 species of birds and variety of animals such as Zebras, Impala, Buffaloes and others. This is a park with many luxury tented camps inside for its tourists hence being a popular tourism spot of Uganda.


In conclusion, Uganda is a perfect destination the visit and tour among the African countries since it is the Pearl of Africa. It is best for holidays because of its beautiful beaches with fine sand and perfect weather. This country is full of welcoming and loving people. Not forgetting, Uganda has got standard hotels, lodges and restaurants with good facilities for all. So ever, you can plan and book now your next trip the this peaceful and beautiful country using our website

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Fatumah Noor.

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  1. Hello Fatumah,

    Pardon my ignorance, I did not know Uganda had so many tourists attraction. I will love to visit one of this beautiful parks and see the amazing wildlife Uganda possesses, especially the National park Uganda. How much does it cost for a foreigner to visit Uganda? And, are there other attractions apart from the wildlife parks?

    1. Hi Louis

      if you ask me how much will it cost a foreigner to travel to Uganda i will say it will depend on which foreign country are you coming from However the cost of living in uganda is very low scince most Ugandans plant their own food which makes almost every thing affordsble

  2. Thanks for a lovely site about travel to and around Uganda. You article is very informative and full of interesting facts. It is a country that for me has been on my bucket list for some time, and never managed to come off, so I had done some research in the hope that one day i will be able to visit. So I was aware of the climate, though the fact that you mention it is good because most people would not. The section including the country’s exports was good because all that i knew of was oil and coffee.

    1. thank you ADRIAN HOLLAND

      Remember any time you wish to travel remember to use the to plan your tavel. book your flight at the same time book your hotel and even rent a car

      here at the online bookings we know that life is precious we value it 

  3. This is amazing seeing Africa have such a beautiful tourists centers. I never knew that the beauty of nature can be explored this far in Africa even in Uganda. That’s amazing and I love that. I used to think that such could only be found in some Asia countries, America and Europe. I will love to visit Uganda someday. 

  4. Hi,Thank you for sharing this great informational article aboutFlights to Travel Uganda. it is really a nice post. I have heard about uganda earlier. I was very interested to know about Travel Uganda. I’ve bookmarked your article for read again. Uganda is a perfect destination the visit the African countries since it is the Pearl of Africa.

  5. I am really impressed with this article of Uganda. I love the beautiful pictures in this article and I must say that it is a place to visit and have a nice vacation or holiday. It’s really amazing to know that resort like this is in Africa, well thanks to you that made it known to everyone reading this post. I have to book a flight online as well to Uganda. I would love to visit the queen Elizabeth national park. 

    1. Olalekan

      there is  more to see in Uganda apart from The Queen Elizabeth. Uganda has the mouth of river Nile that was discovered by a british explorer John Speke plus many others that i will write in my Next Article 

      thank you

  6. Hi, I read your whole article. Uganda is a diverse country of East Africa with natural beauties. The variety of animals found in Uganda that attracts tourists very much. Rwenzori National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park is very popular in Uganda. I think the tourist will be very happy to come here. After knowing this, I am very much willing to travel to Uganda.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Halo there RJ 

      thank you for appreciating just in case you want to travel, or book your self a hotel and more remember to use the online bookings 

      thank you

  7. Hi Fatumah Noor,

    This is an amazing article about FLIGHTS TO UGANDA ( TRAVEL UGANDA )

     Actually I’ve been thinking for a long time that I would travel to a country in Africa but I could not decide which country would go on tour.But after reading your wonderful article i have decided to travel Uganda.You represent all the necessary information about uganda so nicely. I’m sure that if someone reads this article, he would also be interested in traveling to Uganda.After reading this review i have learn that uganda is a very beautiful country As it has so many beautiful beaches, rich wildlife.national  park,more than 300 Species of birds and so on.Besides uganda has so many standard hotels, restaurants and most of all it is easy to travel uganda as there are many flights with different airlines.All these things impressed me so much and i am going to travel uganda very soon.Thank you very much for sharing such an informative article.

    1. Hi there Mhasanalvi

      indeed you should travel to Uganda and experience the very many cultures plus the green vegetation cover that you have Never seen before however Dont forget to use our site just in case you need to travel any where else No matter where you want to travel to
      thank you

      Fatumah Noor

  8. Hi @Fatumah, Your article offers so much rich information about Uganda for the reader to keep themselves abreast with, which is a good thing and I love the pictures you have inserted in the post.  I guess tourists intending to visit Uganda will find this post helpful.


    1. thank you David

      Uganda is acountry you should try to give a visit how ever there is so much more than what You read in the article all i can say is that Uganda is Agift frrom God to the universe

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