If you are still figuring out how to book a hotel online or how to book cheap hotels online well the online bookings has made it easy for you. We are going to show you how to book a hotel room in 7 steps. These tips are going to open you mind when it comes to booking hotels online

How to book a hotel room in seven (7) steps / how to book a hotel online

Step 1 – check you wallet.

You want to know how to book a hotel online right? we can help you. Understand the ways how to book a hotel room in any country. Before booking any hotel online, the first thing you should do is check you wallet. Check whether you have enough money that will help you get the hotel that you want, this will help you find the hotel that you can pay for am sure you’ll find the ideal hotel you are looking for.

Remember the more luxurious and close to the city the hotel is the more money you are going to pay. However, being cheap does not mean that hotel is dirty or conducive, there are many hotels offering discounts to their customers, expect to get a hotel that is in a very good and condition. For those who want to know how to book a hotel in any other language we can help you too.

Step 2-List down the accommodations required during your stay

Are you moving alone or are you moving with you family, if you’re moving alone and you would wish for single size bed or a single bedroom and for those moving with their family members like the children the grandfather the grandmother the wife you may need three queen beds and two large bathrooms.

Secondly if one of you is disabled and in need of a wheelchair or any other disability facility feel free to call the hotel and confirm whether they have it or not if they don’t have it tries another hotel that has it.

Are you into fitness and gym work well some hotels have gyms beauty spas. So if you’re this kind of person who is used to working out each and every day have no worries you can still do this while you’re traveling, stay fit.

Most people consider whether the hotel has a swimming pool and other people like using the internet. People like me we enjoy a hotel that offers free Wi-Fi to their customers

Step 3 – choose you location

Are you are traveling on business try to choose Hotel close to work and if you traveling just for pleasure you can look for the hotels that are in the center of the city or that are in the downtown’s depending on the tastes and preferences

However, remember to check the weather focus of the area. This will help you be more prepared. If you are in the rainy season come prepared with umbrellas and rain courts if its too cold make sure you don’t forget the jackets

Step 4 – looking for hotels online

Go to theonlinebookings.com one of the quickest websites you can use to book a hotel online we have good search engines which will help you. Specify the number of days you want to travel or how many nights you require and which location you want to go to. if there are any required amenities that’s if you have any feel free to ask

As you enter this information into our search engines here at the online bookings we are going to present to you with a variety of hotel options from which you can choose. Starting from the highest rated or to the lowest rated for those who want to know how to book cheap hotels online this is one of the ways you can do it.

Did you know that some credit cards and AAA providers offer Hotel services and discounts to their members well if you didn’t know try calling you credit company for more information about that

Step 5 – Reserve you room here at the online bookings website

After selecting you ideal hotel room, you can reserve it here at the online bookings website theonlinebookings.com

You will be asked to provide basic information about yourself for the booking whether you’re moving as a family or as a whole. You can confirm you reservation by calling the hotel directly for those looking for a conference or wedding call the hotel directly and speak to the front desk

Step 6 – Proceed with the payment using you credit card

Most of the hotels out there at most offer online bookings which helps to prevent time the only thing you required to book a hotel online is a credit card field in the payment requirements confirm you payment

Step 7 confirm booking on payment

Find out whether the room is booked print out the receipt at the end of the online booking session or call the hotel to send you a receipt as a proof of payment if you are booking Hotel over the phone, laptop or desktop.

This receipt includes you travel dates the room rates agreed-upon and any other charges such as that parking fee plus all other extra fees

in a nut shell

Now that you know how to book a hotel room in just seven steps, these are the same steps taken by everyone booking or who ever wants to know how book a hotel online go to our home page here at theonlinebookings.com and book a cheap and luxurious hotel for you and you family

you life is precious we value it here at theonlinebookings.com

if you have any questions regarding how to book a hotel online or how to book cheap hotels online feel free to ask we will be more than happy to help you out for any comments pl


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6 Replies to “How to book a hotel room in (7 steps) / How to book a hotel online / How to book cheap hotels online”

  1. Hi Yusuf,

    what an amazing post you share! I and my husband made a plan recently to go outside in our winter vacation. We want to go to Sydney Australia. But we do not know how to book a hotel room from here. By seeing your post I am very glad to you. Your post removes my tension for booking a hotel room. You amazingly expressed how to book a hotel room in online whiting 7 steps. I will follow those steps. Do you inform me how to book my hotel room in Sydney Australia at a cheap rate? Or if you want you can share the link of hotel booking. Thanks a lot, dude. 🙂

    1. the step of booking a hotel room is so easy all you have to do is go to our home page or any page and just insert sydney then you will be able to view a variety of hotels for you and your love one the cost will depend on how long you wish to stay in Australia
      Cheap hotels
      you can check out this link

  2. Online booking for hotels is the in thing nowadays.

    Personally, I like to have self-catering holidays booked by a travel operator. Like Thomas Cook for example. It has to be  not less than 4 star and close to transport so I can get to know the local shops and sightseeing areas near the hotel. 

    I do all my cooking, so a clean kitchen is important to me. It should be large enough for me to do my blending and juicing on the counter.  

    The last time I travelled abroad, it was to Side in Turkey.  On leaving and reaching the airport to return to the UK, I realised I had left my passport behind at the hotel.  I paid an extra £70 for the hotel manager to drive from Side to the airport.  Fortunately enough, I did not miss my return flight. The hotel was an hour from the airport. 

    Now that is what I call service.  I am not too sure if online booking companies can offer that level of service.

    If they can, maybe I can save money…Thanks for sharing…

    1. ohh yes you know we have a saying here at the online bookings that says “your life is precious we value it here” booking your i deal hotel or flight has never been easier. even though you are to forget your passport there is a 24/7 available help line that you would call and ask for any kind of help this is the right booking platform for the coming generation Stella its worthy a try

      thank you

  3. I checked out theonlinebookings and navigated the website. I must say it’s pretty easy to find available hotels, flights and even car rental in this site. You can also read different blogs that gives suggestions of places to tour around with discounts.

    Your 7 steps in how to book a hotel online is really helpful especially for first time users of online booking. The website you suggested is like  a one stop shop for travellers. Online booking can really save a lot of time than going through separate inquiries and reservation on agencies, hotels, and flights. Thank you for sharing this guidelines. 

    1. Thank you MissusB in case you need any assistance as far as bookings are concerned please  feel free to ask any question we will be glad to help you out

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