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Before you book your flights to Dubai let me show you how this city looks like. Let me give you a brief history about Dubai such that by the time you fly you will be contented and certified of the city that you are traveling to.


Dubai is a city that is located in the United Arab Emirates, before becoming the city it is Now Dubai is and was just like any other desert City only that it has a coast line which acts as a major port. This City is located in the southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf and it is one of the emirates cities that form the united Arab Emirates

Dubai is known to be the largest and the most populated City in the United Arab emirates this has been a very huge trading center and it has welcomed many tourists, employees and investors too. Before this city was known as Megan by then it was a big trading Area. It was a source of goods Like Gold Copper and Bronze however this city was covered by sand 4990 years ago and up to date the people of Dubai are still experiencing these sand storms

The Emirates of Dubai is bordered by Abudhabi in the south and the sultanate of Oman in the SouthEast. It covers an area of 4110 square kilometers and ti currently has a total population of about 8 million people all together. Nevertheless, because of its sandy desert flatness this has given away to the Hajar mountains of which are located in the west. This region has an arid and shattered landscape


The climate in Dubai is very hot and humid. January is the coldest month and August is the hottest month in Dubai with different temperature ranges. Rainfall in Dubai isn’t much and does not last for long when it comes.

The climate in Dubai is always hot throughout the year due to its position near the line of the tropic cancer and this is why you will find most of the natives wearing white clothes that reflects the light and heat. You will also see most of them covering their faces because of the sand storms.


The Burj Khalifa:-

This is one of the tourist sites of Dubai and the tallest building in the whole world. It is 830 meters tall with 160 stores. This building is owned by Emaar properties. The construction of this building started way back in 2004 and it was completed in 2009. In 2010, it was lunched up to now it is still the tallest building in the world.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah:-

This is a luxurious hotel in Dubai, it is located on the Jumeirah street in the Emirates of Dubai. The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel is near the stores of Dubai, it has four swimming pools, a beach and over eight restaurants. This is one of the places I would go to just in case I visit Dubai both for a tour or shopping.

The Dubai mall:-

This is another one of the amazing tourist sites of Dubai you can ever come across. It is said to be the second largest mall in the whole world. This is found of most people going to Dubai in order to do shopping and of course tour. This mall is also owned by Emaar properties. It is located on the financial center road in Dubai. It is one of the coolest mall you will ever come across and you will be surprised of the product costs there.

The Palm Islands:-

These are named so because of the real view that is seen. You will see that this island looks exactly like a palm tree! And yes, this is a beautiful man made island which construction began in 2001 and in 2010, only the palm Jumeirah was completed. The other islands include Deira island and Palm Jebel Ali. They are located just on the coast of Dubai.

The Fountains in Dubai:-

These are also amazing tourist sites of Dubai and the largest fountains in the world. They can splash water up to a height of 130 meters. These fountains are synchronized to music and light which gives a very nice beautiful, clear picture to the viewers that you will never find anywhere in the world. They are located on sheik Muhammed Bin Rashid Blvd and they were opened up in 2009.

The under water zoo aquarium:-

This is a ten million water tank that is located on the bottom ground floor of the Dubai mall. While here, you get to see the sharks and all the different fish species you will feel like you are inside the aquarium it’s self. This is also another Emaar properties.


There are very many tourist sites of Dubai but the above mentioned ones are a few that i have been able to talk about since they are so interesting and wonderful. So there you go, don’t wait much longer if you have ever wanted to visit, tour or have a vacation in Dubai book your ticket straight away now here at We’ve got cheap flights for you and you can also get to book your ideal hotel at the same time here with us using this very website.

However, if you have some questions more so as regards to Dubai, please don’t hesitate, just feel free to ask. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and to help you out with whatever needed.

Thank you,

Fatumah Noor

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  1. Thanks for writing this article on cheap flight to Dubai .i must commend you for a well done job for taking your time to write this article on different tourism site in Dubai. There is always a reason to go to Dubai in my own case I must say. Because Dubai has always been the country I will love to visit since I was little.there are many things to see there and most importantly I want to experience there rain fall even for once since is not what happen there most of time

  2. Dubai is a well known unusual and creatively designed place. One just has to see a few pictures to know it would be an exciting place to visit.

    I have known friends to also enjoy the duty free shops!

    The architecture is fascinating to say the least.

    Thanks for your cheap flights info. This city is a great stop-over location to take advantage of!

  3. Hi Yusuf. Thanks to you for writing this great and educative article about Dubai and the tourist attractions there. I love Dubai and I’ll love to be there in the soonest time. I have heard about the tallest building and the underwater zoo aquarium. Well, thank you for enlighten me more about this. I’ll be looking forward to new posts on here

  4. Hi Fatuma, 

    I have heard alot about Dubai, I even have friends and family members that work and live there. Some of my close associates also go there for business and tourism.

    From your article, I can say that they have not been exaggerating at the magnificence and opulence of the city. 

    I plan to take a job there and join my friends that have been inviting me. So, now that I am no more completely oblivious of the grandness of the place, I appreciate it more. 

  5. This is really amazing and fascinating. There pictures of the different location is this Dubai is really stunning. I really love taking tour, at least twice a month. But don’t know why Dubai hasn’t come to my mind to visit. I will make sure I make it to this place in my last spring break. Knowing fully well that different flights to Dubai depend on the different types of airlines used. I do like to get cheap flights to Dubai, hope those recommended airlines in the search list in the post are really a reputable ones?

  6. Dubai is a place everyone would like to visit. With it vast tourist attractions sites and several beauties to behold, it has become one of the most sought after tourist city in the world. UAE makes alot of money from tourism in Dubai and this money is channeled into the development of more tourist scenes. Dubai is a place to visit 

  7. I looked at you website ‘THE ONLINE BOOKINGS’ today.

    I knew that the site would give me prices and deals on flights. The front page is very exciting and inviting. I was put off by the pop-ups that waves in my face between me and the content.  Since it had colors that fought the serine blue of Dubai,  I dismissed reading the ‘Call to Action’ even when the pop-up came on screen 3 times.

    Can you control the pop-up until the reader has been on the site for a reasonable amount of time?  I liked the flight schedules on the airline service page. I made errors trying to get back to your homepage and had to use the back arrow of my browser. 

    You give plenty of suggestions about cheep flights and I would like to see more comparison models here. pictures of romantic destinations effect all readers even though they may be on business or family trips. I think a video background would add excitement.

    I would ask questions that would divide you audience by VACATION, BUSINESS, FAMILY, and OTHER travelers. This may be hard, but if you had to develop trust, the page that you send them to may be the first part of the journey.


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