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Believe me or not, people book flights to Asia on a daily basis. So you can also book your flight to Asia now by using the online bookings which helps you with the guidelines for all airlines such as Ethiopian airways, Qatar airways, British airways e.t.c

Asia is said to be the largest continent on planet earth. It is located in the eastern and northern hemisphere, it covers an area of 44579000 square kilometers and 4.5 billion people which is 60% of the world’s total population. Asia consists of 49 countries such Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and so on. Most of the Asian countries are good for holidays, shopping, tourism, business therefore, you go book your flights to Asia now and reach your dream goal.

when we talk about flights to Asia, we talk about Asia as a continent however, it consists of very many countries as seen above and many opportunities. These are some Asian countries you can fly too as stated below;-

Flights to Thailand ( flights Thailand )

Bankork Thailand

Thailand is a country located in the south-eastern Asia. It is formerly known as Siam and officially known as the kingdom of Thailand. This country has over 68milliom people, the capital city is called Bangkok boarded by Myanmar in the north and Malaysia in the south.

People fly to Thailand for many reasons and here, some do fly for holidays during summer which is between Febuary and October whereby here, we find many beautiful islands such as krabi, phuket and cool beaches like the pattaya beach where people go for holidays and relaxations. People also fly to Thailand for shopping and here you can shop cheap assesories, shoe, clothes, electronics, e.t.c and all with discount. However, you can book flights to Thailand using the online bookings.

Cheap flights Thailand Bangkok ( cheap flights to Thailand )

Flights to Thailand vary depending on the dates, types of visas, different airlines e.g Ethiopian airways, British airways, Qatar airways and so on. You can buy cheap flights to Thailand Bangkok when you book your flight during the rainy season since the ticket prices tend to drop and be low because of the weather changes. You can also get cheap flights to Thailand by using the online bookings which helps you display the best flight deals as you see below;-

What is the best time to book a flight to Thailand?

Thailand Bangkok has two major airports which are Don Muang international airport and Suvarnabhumi international airport. Let’s say a traveler is moving from London to Bangkok, the estimated time for traveling on a nonstop flight/one way flight is eleven hours and 45minutes. However, most airlines with many stopovers take 40hours. It is very hard to get a one way flight ticket to Thailand from some countries.

For those who want to know what is the best time to book a flight to Thailand take note of the climate condition of Bangkok which is sub divided into hot and dry climate, the hot and rainy climate and a very hot climate. So if you are to go to Thailand in a rainy season then come prepared for the season. The best time to book cheap flights to Thailand is during the rainy season

How to book my flight

First and fore most, make sure you are online and having data access then go to and open the home page. After clicking on the home page, you will be able to see a search. In this search form insert your country destination say Thailand and after this, set the number of days for stay then press the search button. The next page will display ticket prices plus the number of routes/stopovers.

Chose the best airline of your choice among the airlines shown and you will be able to see the different prices offered by different airlines. At this stage, you will be able to chose which seat number you want. Most people are interested in seating near the widow and others prefer seating in groups as family members. Note, make sure you check your seat number before you proceed with the payments. Am sure you won’t feel comfortable seating separately with your loved ones and this is why it’s important.

Now you can proceed with the payment but make sure you have an active visa card to complete your payments. Without this, non of your payments will be approved. However, after payments, you will recieve a confirmation message that will be sent to your email address. Once you get the confirmation email for your payments, it will be enough to prove that you have successfully booked your flight and this is how to book my flight is simply done.


In conclusion, this message goes to whoever is traveling to Thailand Bangkok and the other countries that the online bookings is one of the best website booking flights so waste no time and book your ticket here now.

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4 Replies to “Flights to Asia (Book Flights to Aisia)”

  1. Hello, my wife is Thai and we travel there with our 2 boys each year. I will definitely show your site to my wife as we always look for the best deals on flights when we go. I really appreciate you creating this great content as it really helps us out. Thanks, Kenny 

    1. hi Kenny

      if you have any questions regarding bookings please feel free to leave a comment below. expect the best flight deals set up for you to use

      use the online boookings to book your flight and hotel at the same time thank you


  2. Great advice and tips!

    Asia has always been a destination on the bucket list of mine. The information you have here is absolute greatness. I am curious is price varies dramatically depending on time of trip (like actual dates). 

    Is there a cheaper time to explore Asia than others? How long is a flight to Asia from the United States, I am curious.



    1. Hi Nic, the answer to your first question is YES. And to the other question, you need to be more specific since Asia is big continent with many countries. But i will give you a time  flight for one of the Asian countries like Thailand. Here, it will take you 17 hours and 53 minutes to fly from USA to Thailand.

      Thank you,


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